Friday, October 12, 2012

Quilt Sampler and Aupair Care

Last week I traveled to Canada to shoot for a Quilting magazine. Every time I shoot a quilting shop I want to learn how to sew and quilt. I can now manage to sew pillow cases which is  a step in the right direction. Over the weekend I shot some more work for  Aupair Care a live in child care provider. One of my favorite subjects, children.

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Donna di Natale said...

Tatjana, I would love to tell/teach you more about quilting. I am a quilter, quilt book editor, and quilt book author -- and married to your friend Pat di Natale. I invite you to be my guest at Starlight Quilters Guild on November 27th. You will be amazed by how friendly everyone is, and by the talent of the guild members. We are a group of people who love quilts and/or quilting, and I'm sure we inspire you to delve into it further.